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During the reel and unwinder testing we will check the condition of the reel either to meet the customer's specific needs or by following the comprehensive testing programme developed by us.

For analysis, we have available, for example, high-speed camera, force sensors, pressure measuring devices, etc. 

Reel testing will include inspection of the following:

  • Reel spool storage
  • Lowering arms
  • Reel spool in primary arms
  • Reel spool starter
  • Reel drum
  • Doctor's  condition and operation
  • Turn-up device
  • Primary arms
    • in upright position
    • in turn-up position
    • on rails
  • Secondary arms
  • Brakes and mobility of the secondary arms
  • Brakes of the braking station
  • Condition and alignment of the rails

During the testing of the unwinder (Valmet), we will inspect the following:

  • Drivers of the JG1 station
  • JG1 clutch, check-up of measurements
  • Transfer arms, locking arms and locks
  • JG2 clutch, check-up of measurements
  • Web cutting device, launch equipment, cylinders and actuators
  • High-speed camera imaging of the web cutting device during the stroke
  • Pressure measurements of the paster roll during the stroke
  • Lifting arms
  • Electronic switchers, photocells and their fastenings

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.



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