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Examples of our sizer service (Valmet/Metso, Voith):

  • Application beam alignment
  • Alignment of rolls
  • Angle adjustment of application beams
  • Maintenance of turning cylinders
  • Adjustment of operating speeds (application beams, nip closing)
  • Replacement of edge seals
  • Repairs of edge showers
  • Cleaning and checkup of colour feeding nozzles and size application pipes
  • Edge doctor
  • Horizontal control device maintenance and grading of the buffer
  • Profile adjuster maintenance
  • Maintenance of rod rotation equipment
  • Sealing blade inspections and maintenance
  • Water circulation cleansing and repairs
  • Return pan repairs
  • Adjustment of nip forces and loading pressure


We are pleased to assist you in all your maintenance needs. 

For more information: 

Esa Maltolahti
sales and projects
tel. +358 400 915 404
fax: 358 420 915 404





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