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Coating stations

As an independent expert, we have implemented, amongst others, the following services for coating stations (e.g. Valmet, Jagenberg, Voith, IHI, Beloit, BTG/Bill Blade):

  • Blade holder area maintenance
  • Maintenance of jet beam nozzles and feeding chamber
  • Coating of jet beam nozzle chamber
  • Pivoting frame of blade beam bearings and shaft replacements
  • Edge sealing and lip gap adjustments of jet beams and replacement of jet-lips
  • Localised repairs of jet-lips by laser welding
  • Jet-lip coatings
  • In addition, if so requested by the customer, we can e.g. transfer the old machine to a new place, including any upgrades (control systems, mechanical parts, etc.)
  • Software upgrades Siemens S 5 => S 7
  • Service contracts => maintenance cycle planning and implementation

We are pleased to assist you in all your maintenance needs. 

For more information: 

Esa Maltolahti
sales and projects
tel. +358 400 915 404
fax: 358 420 915 404




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