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Service and maintenance work

We provide maintenance, check-ups and modernisation for reels, coating stations, sizers and winders to the customer's specification.

After the maintenance visit, the customer will receive an illustrated report for the machine's maintenance log. The report provides details of the machine-specific preventative measures taken, component replacement needs as well as specifics for short and long-term follow-up. With our preventative maintenance service, the customer will be able to keep the production running reliably.

We also carry out large-scale modernisation projects with the help of our professional network. Trusted providers of flexible, comprehensive service, we specialise in the needs of the paper and board industry.


As an independent expert, we have implemented the following services for coating stations (e.g. Valmet, Jagenberg, Voith, BTG / Bill Blade):

  • Blade holder area maintenance
  • Maintenance of jet beam nozzles and feeding chamber
  • Coating of jet beam nozzle chamber
  • Pivoting frame of blade beam bearings maintenance and shaft replacements
  • Jet beams edge sealing and lip gap adjustments and replacement of jet lips
  • Localised repair of jet-lips by laser welding
  • Jet-lip coatings
  • In addition, if customer so requests, we can e.g. relocate the old machine to a new place, including any upgrades (control systems, mechanical parts, etc.)
  • Software upgrades Siemens S 5 => S 7
  • Service contracts => maintenance cycle planning and implementation

Examples of reel maintenance carried out by Coater Service (e.g. Wärtsilä, Valmet, Beloit, Voith, Tampella, Karhula):

  • Replacement of primary / secondary arms bearings
  • Reel drum bearings
  • Measurements / adjustments (primary and secondary arms, reel drum, rolls, transfer trails, etc.)
  • Condition test
  • Modernisations
  • Service contracts
  • Software upgrades

We are pleased to assist you in all your maintenance needs. 

For more information:

Esa Maltolahti
mechanic and marketing
tel. +358 400 915 404
fax +358 420 915 404




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