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You can found our company brochure in German in this Brochure 1, Brochure 2.

Our winder specialist Markku Malinen regrettably left Coater Service in February 2012 and left big boots to fill in. We wish Markku every success in his new position.

Coater Service Oy's website was revamped during the winter of 2012.

Coater Service Oy has been classified as one of the most successful companies in Finland in a research by Kauppalehti's Research and Analysis Unit, Balance Consulting.

Balance Consulting annually analyses companies' performance on the basis of their financial statements. The company's economic success is evaluated in 6 different areas: growth, profitability, income, liquidity, capital adequacy and risk tolerance. Companies that meet the criteria of "Kauppalehti Achiever" classification are among the top in their fields. Only less than 5% of Finnish companies meet this criteria set by Kauppalehti.
The study was conducted using 2010 financial information.









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